Strength in numbers

A.A.R.T. logoWhen the street started out, more than 30 years ago, there was little need for a professional association. The artists were but a handful, and their presence on the street was sporadic at best. But as the years passed and the reputation of the street grew, it soon became apparent that they needed to organize.

The Association des Artistes de la Rue du Trésor - AART for short - was created in 1983 to provide both the artists and the clients with safeguards against abuse. The association, to which belong all of the artists currently on the Rue du Trésor, takes care of customer complaints, beautification initiatives and negotiations with the city, as well as enforcing internal discipline and arbitrating disputes between members.

A democratic organization, the association's board of directors is elected each year during the general assembly. Board of directors' meetings are held more frequently, to take care of current affairs and general management. The AART also oversees the selection process by which new members are admitted, whenever a spot on the street opens up.


Board of Directors

June 2017, alphabetical order

Arthur Aaron

Adam Bogati

Amélie Perron

Maryse Proulx

Bertrand Turmel

Association des artistes de la Rue du Trésor,
C.P. 146, Haute-Ville, Québec, Qc Canada G1R 4P3.